Over two years ago, I made a logo on canva...

...and that's the same logo that i've used ever since. I do have a creative eye and I enjoy designing, so I knew a little bit about what I was doing. However I certainly wasn't an expert, and a HUGE thing I didn't know, is who I was targeting and why. When I started this business in 2020, I marketed myself as 'A Photographer', like literally, that was it (I laugh now). Photography is a massive industry, you've got weddings, branding, families, babies, portraits, products etc, but to be totally honest that's because I didn't know which route I wanted to take at that point.

Now that I have SO much more of an idea into running a business and the importance of branding, who I am and who I want to attract (and why), I just felt like I didn't align with my branding.

Here are a few changes I have made to make sure it's a bit more ME...

I niched down...

An absolute game changer for me was niching down. As I said, when I launched Folio in 2020 I marketed myself as 'A Photographer' (ha, honestly, I cringe admitting to that). Now I market myself as 'A Personal Branding Photographer empowering female-led creative and wellbeing brands in Dorset'. BOOM. That's a game changer right there. It has purpose. It says WHO, WHERE, WHAT.

People would always say to me, 'but your cutting out so many people', and I would say 'yeah, but I am attracting the right people and the ones I truly want to work with'. Think about it, if your in the shop looking for tablets to cure your headache, are you going to pick up the ones that say 'general pain relief' or the ones that say 'targeted pain relief for headaches and migraines'. Most likely the second, right?

I know who my ideal client is...

I know this links to my previous point, but IDEAL CLIENT. Wow this is HUGE; I would say one of the most important aspects when it comes to running a business. How are you going to produce and sell a product or service, if you don't actually know who it's for?

I know that my ideal client is female, a business owner, in the creative or wellbeing industry, aged 25 - 55, based in Dorset, mindful, driven and kind. I know they may have an interest in travel, exploring, mindfulness, the beach - purely because that's what I love and what I share.

This means I can direct my whole approach to target this 'profile' of a client, meaning I am more successful in capturing them in to be interested. This includes the way I write, the photographs I use, my tone of voice, my marketing strategies and everything else.

So in summary, I came to feel like my branding could be a lot more appealing to my clientele.

I want to feel more aligned...

I mean this in personal and business life. I have grown a lot myself in the last couple of years; both my business and my own personal qualities and hobbies have changed considerably. I wanted something that would align better with these qualities and the way that I approach things. I actually asked a few clients their opinion of my branding when it was in progress, and I asked them to pick out the elements that was 'me', because thats exactly what I wanted! I want people to see my branding and think 'Thats Folio!'

On that topic, I am keeping the ever so famous (only in my life but it's got to be done) 'folio' green. I adore this colour and I just couldn't and wouldn't want to change it. Besides, that would mean getting a whole new stationery kit, mug, cup, bottle, notebook... the list is endless.

For consistency & professionalism...

Transitioning from a canva doc with my little knowledge to a professional file type and design process will be a game changer! Out with the very old, in with the BRAND NEW!

It will make everything look on brand, professional and consistent. Ahhh I can't wait!

My key brand values


This is how I want people to feel when they see my brand online. When they see my social media posts, my content online, meet me at an event, or hear about me from someone else. These values were the drive for my branding.

I hope you like my new branding just as much as I do!

Thanks for being here. I'd love to meet you.

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