When the soul of your business is truly seen, there is nothing more magnetic.

Are you a business owner looking to have regular and authentic visual content all year round? I understand how hard it is to have consistent imagery for your business on a regular basis and I’m here to solve it! The Folio Glow Membership will provide you with...

  • consistent personalized content
  • professional photography for your business
  • regular shoots for your growing business
  • seasonal trending content to keep your audience engaged.
  • the ability to invite people into your world
  • a huge confidence booster within yourself and your biz
  • huge savings with additional benefits
  • marketing has never been so easy!

it's time to invite people into your world

The more that people can connect with you, the more likely they will buy from you. In today's world, people choose people. Inviting them into your world means showing them who you are, what you do and why - which is so easily achievable and fun, via photography. Photography is one of the main tools to connect with your audience strategically. It boosts performance, engagement, and sales because people are wired to value images. They especially value beautiful, well-crafted images. 

This is for you if...

☘️ You’re tired of scouring through mismatched stock photos that fail to resonate with your brand's essence.
☘️You’re ghosting your social media because your selfies aren’t cutting it and you feel like you have nothing to share.
☘️You spend valuable time attempting to capture your own visuals, only to end up dissatisfied with the results.
☘️You're tired of scrambling to schedule last-minute photo shoots.

Answered yes? Get stuck in...

“Working with Beth at Folio CreativeCo. has in fact changed my work life. Beth has brought my vision, my monthly themes and my brand back to life. She puts her heart and soul into what she does. Beth is now a business essential for me and I have no regrets. People want to see my brand in action, what I do, what I love and Beth has made that happen.”

Hey, I'm Beth

I'm here to capture your business, yes. But I am also here to make magic, create relationships and share your soulful story. I'm not just here for the one off, I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader for the long run.

The Folio Glow Membership

  • A personal one hour shoot, EVERY season (four throughout the year).
  • A zoom call, each season, to make a big juicy shoot plan!
  • 25 images per shoot - the perfect amount for 4/5 social media posts a week! (In a normal one hour shoot you would receive 15 images).
  • A beautiful and personalised online gallery.
  • High resolution (perfect for magazines and printable items) and web size files (perfect for your website) - suiting to multiple format uses.
  • My advice and guidance, all year round, to manage and use your brand images to their full advantage.
  • A deluxe joining package (I'm not saying no more here, you'll have to find out for yourself!)
  • A seasonal guide to help you prepare for your upcoming shoot.
  • The option to purchase additional images at half price - so £5 per image.
  • No travel fees within Dorset. All included!
  • Priority booking in my calendar.
  • 11% off any additional bookings - oh la laaaa!

Investment: £111 a month (uh yes, angel numbers are important over here).

PS. This is a tax deductible expense for your business!

did you know?

78% of online shoppers want to see the product as if it's part of their own daily lives. 90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most crucial factor in an online sale. Images rank as the most critical content type, ahead of text and video.

You are a female founder, yes?

Well it's time to show the world who the f**k you are (in a loving, soulful way, of course), and I've got your back all the way...


Where is the location of the shoot?

The location, as long as it is in Dorset, can be where you choose! Whether this is your business premises, a beach spot, or your favourite place! The perk of it being 1 to 1 is that you can choose, bespoke to your biz!

Will you help me plan my shoot?

Absolutely! Each shoot, each season, will come with a planning call - where we will cover everything from what to wear, location, what to bring, the vibe, the vision, a shot list etc! So that on the day we are ready to go with a plan in place! You certainly won't be alone when it comes to this! Team work!

When would payment be due?

Payment would be due on the 10th of the month. This can be flexible if you have an alternative preference.

I'm feeling nervous - is this normal?

YES! Every single person I work with feels nervous. Having the camera pointing at you can be nerve-racking, and I get that! I do everything I can to keep you calm, guided and focussed. I give lots of actions and prompts so your mind is away from the camera. The more we work together the more comfortable you will be a natural in no time! Also it's important to mention the camera won't be on you the whole time! I will be capturing your space, details, actions etc too - so you'll be surprised how much the camera is on other things!


Chantal @ forward life coaching

“Beth is an absolute professional. I booked the Moonstone package with her, and the whole experience from consultation to receiving the photos was the best. She is so nice and friendly, and makes you feel completely at ease. She has an eye for detail and knows exactly what she is doing. The results: a huge collection of amazing looking photos that make me, my brand and website look better than I could have imagined. I have already recommended Beth and will forever continue, she is the real deal.”

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