Hey, I'm Beth.

small business cheerleader,
creative thinker,
adventure dreamer,
& your personal brand photographer.

I'm not just your photographer. I'm your friend, cheerleader and I truly want to help you reach for the stars. To be able to empower women to do their THING, and to be able to use my skill to support you, is such an honour! I get to capture the story of so many lives and to meet such incredible souls who inspire me every single day. There truly is a wonderful community out there of women building soulful brands, and I am here for it! So I am on a mission to make you feel comfortable and confident to be your true self, and to make space for your business to SHINE BRIGHT.


I studied Photography at Falmouth University (the ocean called me)

and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in 2020. I then began my biggest but most exciting adventure yet - FolioCreative, in October 2020.

I have a real desire to make a difference. To support as many individuals as I

can and see them thrive. My projects have always empowered the subject and created awareness of their unique and inspiring story. I have always been baffled by the fact that every single person has a different story to tell, different memories, different experiences and I am forever inspired by what they have to tell - pretty incredible, right?

My journey supporting women in business began during the pandemic, when a lot of women were actually given the time and space to take a hobby and turn it into their career. With a passion to help, I started capturing these beautiful little creative businesses...and I soon knew I had found 'my thing'.

I am beyond grateful of the incredible people I have met along this journey and continue to be inspired by the amazing souls and brands that I meet along the way, every single day!

I am here to help you and your business glow, shine and thrive.

Are you ready?

Moments that make me happy...

A bubble bath and

a good book.

Sandy toes & the smell of the ocean.


and road trips.

A glowing candle with woody scents.

A sunrise/sunset, you can't beat it.

Kind words

Jen @ The Beehive

“I honestly don’t know what to say!! They are just incredible. We see the coffee shop every day and yet you have managed to capture it in a way that gives us a whole new appreciation of it! We are especially pleased with the internal shots of the empty space, they really show off The Beehive so beautifully. You have photographed our favourite dogs and humans which we are completely thrilled with. Every single image. Thank you, so much, for capturing in images the reasons why we love our coffee shop so much.”

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