Hey there! I'm Beth.

  • small business cheerleader
  • creative thinker
  • introvert
  • & your personal brand photographer

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Photography is quite a personal service. By that I mean that you need to know and trust your photographer to have a successful brand shoot. It's important to make sure you 'click', so that it runs smoothly.

With that in mind, I thought I would talk a little bit about me...

First things first, here's a few things I love.

🚐Travelling the coast in our camper van. 

☀️Watching the sun rise and fall. 

📀Getting stuck into a crime thriller series.

🌊Early morning ocean dips. 

🕯The evening glow and smell of a sandalwood candle.

📸Capturing memories on my instax.

🍭Wine gums and strawberry pencils

So, how did i get here, with Folio Creative?

A love for Photography, of course.

I enjoyed photography from a young age, always carrying my camera round. I choose Photography as one of my subjects at Sixth Form, followed by the easy decision to study Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth University, where I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. This was where I found a love for portraiture and working with people to capture their story.

Feeling very happy that I had survived university haha!

I jumped straight into the deep end...

I finished university during the global pandemic. In fact I had to finish my degree from home. With very little job opportunities in the creative industry, I started to pick up little one off 'photography' jobs in the local community. They weren't paid, I was just desperate to get out, be creative and get shooting.

To be honest, it kind of just went from there... I finished university in the June, and in the October launched Folio Creative. I must have been feeling super brave! Sometimes I worry I jumped into it too soon, and should have gained some 'corporate' experience first, but I have been reassured by many that they wish they had gone self employed sooner, so i feel a little better about that.

I have come on a HUGE journey since launching Folio Creative; it has increased my confidence, self esteem, ambition, and drive. It has resulted in me meeting many incredible women that never fail to support me both in personal and work life, and for that I am so grateful! In 16 months I went from working 3 jobs plus Folio, to FULL TIME FOLIO, which still seems insane to say now. Sometimes you have to look back up the mountain to see how far you've come, right?

I am 100% obsessed and blessed with Folio, it is for sure my little baby. I adore my job and the people I work with, and I have SO many plans for the future that I cannot wait to share with you! Hopefully that explains a little bit about me.

I highly encourage you to speak about YOU. If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I always say 'People choose people' and 'YOU are your personal brand'. So, how are you going to stand up as the face of your brand?

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