embrace those nerves and own them!

Being nervous is a good thing. It means you care. It means you care. It means you are growing and stepping out of your comfort zone. Some of the best photoshoots and moments of my life, have been the most nerve wracking!

However, here are a few top tips to bare in mind!

start your day, the right way

Start your day in your favourite way. Whether this be enjoying a cup of tea with a book , hitting the sea for a dip, or going to a fitness class. Just do you. Feel energised and fresh. Take it easy, there is no rush. This keeps stress and anxiety to a minimum, so that you are heading into your brand shoot feeling relaxed.

be organised

If you are anything like me, knowing you are organised with relax the mind that little bit more. Pop your props and products out ready on the table the night before. Have them in order of how you want them to be photographed. Hang your outfit up on the door. Prepare the room so it is just how you want it.

take a recap

Remember that moodboard we made? The  one showing your dream vision! And  the notes we wrote? Take another look over them on the day so it's fresh in your mind.

little things to calm

Pop your favourite playlist on. Get the coffee brewing. Wear your favourite ear-rings. Light a candle. Wear that new outfit you bought. Remind yourself what you are doing, and that there is nothing to be nervous about.

say f**k it

Relax. Shake your shoulders out. Something beautiful happens when you just say fuck it and go all in on yourself. Just you wait. I give you permission to use 'say f**k it' as your affirmation for the day!

you owe it to yourself

You did this! You created this incredible business! Let's celebrate by capturing everything you have achieved. You owe it to yourself. Show the world what your capable of, this incredible milestone needs to be captured - i dare ya.

I know how you feel...

I think it's really important to know how you feel when having a brand shoot, which is why I often have my own! I have worked with various brand photographers, being in front of the camera to experience exactly what you will. It gave me further understanding into how I can help you feel more at ease, and how to make it more fun!

'I dont know what I was so nervous about, that was so much fun!

Without a doubt the most heard phrase throughout my personal brand shoots. Don't let the nerves stop you!

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