Have you ever been told that you should be showing your face more online? That you should be showing up as you? Well there's a reason...

When I walk into a networking group, there is always someone who says to me 'Oooo, you're Folio!'... I mean of course that's not actually my name... but the instant connection is there & a conversation flows, simply from me showing up online.

Stepping into the spotlight and it opens a whole world of possibilities relating to connection, trust, and so much more... & it really can be quite simple (keep reading).

1. Authenticity and Trust

When you put yourself at the forefront of your business, you bring a level of authenticity that is hard to replicate, because there is only one of you! Customers and clients are more likely to trust a business when they can see the real person behind it. Your story, values, and passion will resonate with them. This is POWERFUL, why? Because amongst the many many businesses who work in your industry... the only single things that makes you entirely different from them... is you. Use this as your super power!

2. Personal Branding

Your personal brand is a powerful tool that differentiate's your business in a crowded market. It's what people say about you when you're not in the room. By sharing your journey, challenges, and successes, you create a narrative that can attract and inspire your target audience, and not only that, but they can relate to it.

3. Relatability and Inspiration

People are inspired by female entrepreneurs who lead their businesses with confidence and authenticity. By being real, people resonate! At the end of the day we are all humans with everyday struggles, laughs and cries. Personal branding is certainly more relatable than commercial branding in today's world. By being the face of your business, you not only serve as a role model but also make your brand more relatable.

4. Enhanced Credibility

Being the face of your business, especially via photography, enhances your credibility and establishes you as an authority in your industry. This can lead to more opportunities for media coverage, speaking engagements, podcast interviews and collaborations, further elevating your profile.

5. Emotional Connection

Humans are inherently drawn to stories and emotions. When you share your personal journey and the reasons behind your business, you create an emotional connection with your audience. This bond can lead to increased customer loyalty and advocacy, like someone feeling comfortable enough to walk right up to you and start a conversation... because they already know a bit about you!

6. Empowerment and Representation

By embracing your role as a female founder, you contribute to greater representation and diversity in the creative or wellbeing world. Your visibility can inspire other women to pursue entrepreneurship and leadership roles, creating a ripple effect of empowerment.

So, here are some ways you can show up as the face of your business...

  1. Make sure your profile photo on social media channels is of YOU!
  2. Write a blog post about you!
  3. Complete a talking story on Instagram - video updates are very engaging.
  4. Make sure your headshot is in your email signature.
  5. Ensure your face is in the top 9 squares of your instagram grid - pin a photo to make this happen!
  6. Include a few hobbies on your about page on your website.
  7. And of course...book a brand shoot... you know where I am!

I hope this was helpful! Pop me a message if you have any questions!