When it comes to using your imagery...

Use them everywhere! You have invested in your business to have a beautiful selection of imagery to represent your business in the best possible way - so make sure you use them in every way you can to keep the consistency and professional approach. When people see your imagery, you want them to straight away know it's you... and you can easily create that!

Of course there are the standard ways of using your brand imagery such as on your website, and within your social media content, but here might be a few ways you hadn't yet thought of...

Do you have a digital brochure, guides or manuals, or perhaps even a handout? Smother these documents with your brand imagery, just as you would your logo etc.

Firstly, YES I have a Spotify playlist! It's also my go-to for bringing the tunes to co-working sessions with friends. I am all about the chilled/empowering vibes when working! Anyway... as you can see I have personalised the cover photo for the playlist. It's all about the little touches I say!

Do you use a client management system or portal system? If so, there are normally features available to personalise it! For example, at the top of all of my invoices, contracts and questionnaires, you can see a banner of my work. I think this looks professional and on brand. Think about how you can personalise your portals and systems online.

Email signatures! A really simple thing that you most likely use everyday... are you using it to its full advantage? Perhaps you have a link to your website within your email signature? Boost it with a photo too, it's more likely to be eye catching that way. This could be a single image or a banner style like mine.

Now this one is super important! If you ever pitch your business to press or magazines (which you should!), make sure to use your brand imagery! I make sure that I provide you with files that will be the appropriate quality and image size for press. Plus, how cool is it to see your business in publications? Make sure you show me, i'd love to see!

This one is important. When I say listing sites this could be global sites such as... Bark, Hitched, Etsy, eBay, Google, or local directories such as other suppliers who also share your work, or a county listing site. There are sites out there to help everyone, so make sure you sue your images within these profiles!

Do you write blogs? If so.... make sure you utilise your imagery within them. Take a look at your brand images and they may instigate a blog topic or post idea if you are stuck for ideas!

A few alternative ways to use your imagery:

  • Create stickers to seal parcels or envelopes.
  • Within newsletters or emails.
  • On postcards/leaflets that you may hand out.
  • Frame them and put them up in your work space.
  • On merchandise such as pens, magnets, cups etc.

....and if you're not quite sure how to use your brand imagery, just get in touch! I can certainly help you!

Are you ready to level up your brand?

Let's do this!