Even I struggle with being in front of the camera...

I have never had a client who is 100% confident in being in front of the camera. In fact, the majority of women are really nervous if they haven't had a shoot with me before. It's totally normal, and I totally understand why as I would feel exactly the same. It's taken me a while to feel happy and relaxed with the photographers that I work with when they take imagery of me. It's strange, how suddenly we don't quite know how to stand, where to put our hands, and what to do! This is hugely down to our nerves getting the better of us. If we felt confident in front of the camera, it would make a big difference. That's exactly why i've put this little guide together...

get to know your photographer

It's so important that you can connect and relate to your photographer. Knowing your photographer and feeling comfortable with them will make a world of difference when it comes to your shoot. So make an effort to get to know them.

connect with them

be comfortable in your clothes

Wear something you feel comfortable and you in! This will make so much difference. If you normally wear bight colours, rock it! If you normally wear neutral colours, ace it! Just wear YOU, and it will naturally reflect your personality.

wear what you wanna wear

push those insecurities aside

Those insecurities you have, that we sadly all have as women - push them aside. Tell them to p**s off! They don't deserve a place in your heart. This moment is for you and your incredible achievements! Enjoy it.

be in your bubble of magic

talk and ask

Don't keep your worries in. Tell me your thoughts and ideas. I can reassure you, or make your ideas come to life. We are in it together!

your photographer will help

get some inspo together

Although we will make a plan of your shoot and talk a lot about your visuals and intentions, have some ideas and inspiration ready to show your photographer so you are ready to go go go! Get the ideas rolling and motivation will hit!

make a Pinterest board

ignore the world around you

The world is full of pressure, judgements and assumptions. It's so easy to let that little voice in your head take over when you're having a photo taken. Ignore them ALL. They don't matter and they most likely aren't even real. Enjoy the process.

it will make you stronger

So here's to you facing your fears and showing up within your brand...

...because I know you can do it and I know you've got this! We are in it together! I hope these small (but mighty) tips have been useful.

Now, here's your next step...

Much love x