I put myself in the spotlight.

As a Brand Photographer I constantly promote and encourage women to show up as the face of their brand, but I know its not just a click of the fingers and the nerves are gone. It's certainly not as simple as that. I put my hands up and admit to struggling with that myself. In fact, I would never have brought myself to do this project a couple of years ago.

So, why did I put myself in the spotlight?

I wanted to understand how my clients feel.

Being in front of the camera doesn't come naturally to the majority of us - it's very common to feel nervous. I wanted to know exactly how you feel on a brand shoot. I wrote down every question I thought of in the days leading up to it, like 'what do I wear?', ' what if it rains?', 'what if it's awkward and I dont' know what to say?', 'How do I get my brand colours in?'. Every question I asked has been used to help boost and update my 'how to prepare for your brand shoot' guide that every client receives before a shoot. I can put my hands up and say I was anxious, I had butterflies in my stomach, but once we got filming, those nerves passed and it was all about being in the moment and celebrating my business milestone through sharing my story of Folio Creative. Because that's really what it's all about.

To increase my own confidence.

As I said above, I would never have considered this a couple of years ago. It would have seemed daunting to have a videographer film me for ten minutes, let alone a full day. Why? I guess every insecurity, inside and out, would have eaten away at my confidence, to the point my nerves would have taken over. But did that happen....nope! Why? I have grown hugely in my own self confidence, I was prepared, I knew what I wanted to achieve, I was wearing my favourite outfits to feel good, I had my hair done for that little boost, and I had a videographer who made me feel at ease and empowered. That's not to say I didn't feel nervous building up to it, because I did, but I was able to control this. Besides, nerves are good, that shows you care!

To expand my knowledge.

It was really interesting to see how Jordan worked; his enthusiastic attitude, his calming tone of voice, his encouragement, his guided direction. It all made me truly feel like 'yes, I absolutely can do this'! The nerves disappeared! That is exactly how I want you to feel on a brand shoot. It really is the simple aspects that calm and make the shoot flow. It also made me realise how important a shot list/plan is for your brand shoot. Having a more strict plan for longer brand shoots would increase the productivity levels. That still means it can be relaxed and have a good flow, just with a more precise end goal.

To prove to you it's actually FUN!

I wanted to show you how I work. I wanted to show you it’s not at all daunting, it’s actually really fun! Having a brand shoot isn't just about getting some photos and heading home. Uh NO. It's far from it! Having a brand shoot is about creatively piecing together your story to make the best possible vision for your brand. It's about working with someone that makes you feel empowered. It's about painting your nails, having your hair done, putting some lippy on (if that's your thing!) and showing up for your brand with confidence! Show me everything you have built, everything you have created along the way. Your business is an incredible and important milestone in your life. Celebrate it! Shake your shoulders out, and stand proud. It's about the anticipation of receiving your gallery and the excitement when it's delivered. Finally, its about having a gallery of imagery you feel confident, proud and empowered by, that you can spread across your brand and reveal your magic to the world. Go on, I dare ya.

Be brave, be real, be raw!

I have personally seen the difference it makes to a brand when you show up and stand proud. You are the only single thing about your brand that will make you different from the other thousands of business'. There is only one of you. Use that to your advantage. Be brave, be real, be raw! And remember, you are your brand!

I cannot wait to show you my video!

Beth x