In March 2023 I launched a 'day event' for women in business... and here's why...

So only a couple of weeks ago I had my THIRD day event, and I am missing it already! There is nothing like the support of your fellow business buddies cheering you on and empowering you to be YOU! And this day held a whole new kind of energy! If you were there, then you'll know what I mean!

So what is The empowering day event?

The Empowering Day Event is all about bringing local brands and souls into the same room, to support, to celebrate, to share the love and to feel connected.

I simply would not be where I am today without the support of my initial clients and contacts that I reached out to when I first launched Folio Creative. I did not have anyone in my family or friendship group who ran a business or worked for themselves. I was point blankly 'winging it', on my own - with the help of Google. However I soon realised the power of my local community and reached out to a few female entrepreneurs, which for me, was game changing.

it's not about making sales...

I have certainly come to realise that 'networking' for the kind of women who I work with, is not just about 'getting business'. It is about feeling supported, feeling part of something. It's about understanding and resonating with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. It's about knowing the people around you are there to hug and support you on the s**t days, and there to rave about you on the incredible days! From this strong connection, sales flow, but they are natural and pure.

why did you launch this day?

As a brand photographer working with many women, often solopreneurs, I was continuously hearing women say that they can feel lonely, particularly if they work from home on their own. I am very lucky that my job means getting out and meeting people and connecting, but it's not the case for many. However for many this is not the case. Whether you are a social media manager working from your home office or own a candle company so you spend your days in your studio pouring candles - you are still alone!

One photoshoot I actually had a client become emotional to me, saying she didn't think she could continue in this way. So I left that shoot knowing damn well I was never going to hear someone else say this, without having a solution. Within a week I had popped an event together that was focussed on simply bringing people together to connect, and I sent it out in an email.

One week later and it was sold out at 40 tickets. One year later and I have ran 3 of these Empowering Day Events, the most recent one at max capacity of 50 women, on International Women's Day, at the beautiful Minterne House. The day featured multiple speakers, a headshot corner, workshops, a deliciously catered lunch and incredible mindful moments.

“I know that through these events I have been able to introduce women who would have never crossed paths without it. Pure friendships. Real connections. It's game changing.”

what's the future for the day event?

Right this moment as I write this I am in my 'post event' chill period, and so I am honestly not quite sure! I give my brain a little break before I get my coloured pens out and start planning for the next one... All I know is that it's an essential to have events such as these, and that I am determined to continue supporting local female entrepreneurs. How I do this... you'l just have to wait and see. The future is bright for this wonderful day.

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