The Empowering Day Event

Bringing beautiful biz owners together, once a year.

this is where the magic happens...

I don't know about you but I would seriously struggle to be a business owner without the incredible support from my fellow girlfriends and boss babes.

And that's exactly what this event is about... bringing women together to support one another, be inspired by one another, and build on both our personal and business mindsets. This is where the magic happens.


An incredible day event, reigniting the souls and brands of local female entrepreneurs. Let's glow up together.

08.03.2024, 10-4.

Sit back, relax, feel inspired and and share ideas in a calm and creative space. Bring your notebook along, and grow your business and mindset in a room of likeminded women.

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“You are doing incredible work & everyone is rising & thriving because of your bold moves. So inspiring! The space you’re holding for us women in business is so much more valuable than you think. Your light & the opportunity for us to gather & celebrate is big & it’s the BEST.”

Meet our March speakers...

The true strength of breathwork.

Have you ever explored the power of your breath? Lottie will remind you of the power you have within, the ability you have to feel, heal, create balance, calm, happiness and wholeness, just by breathing.

Lottie @ naturally Lottie

The power of daily routine.

Your daily routine and micro habits make an incredible difference to shaping the life you dream of. Sophie is going to talk to us about how she has built a successful business and found her true self through the power of routine, and self love.

Sophie @ fiery fox pizza

Build a biz that ignites you.

You know the saying 'Started from the bottom now we're here'? Louisa started from scratch in the PMU world, to being the founder of a highly successful clinic. Want to know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be? This is the one!

Louisa @ highbrow clinic.

The Venue

Minterne House, Dorchester.

A stunning country house and Himalayan garden in Dorchester, Dorset. An absolute hidden gem.

You see that window on the far right, we will be in a cosy conservatory style room just there, with a perfect view of the gardens. We might even be able spot the snowdrops!

Is it time for a new pics?

Throughout the day, head on over to my little cosy, aesthetic corner to update your headshot! Bring an item that relates to your biz! Images can be purchased after the event for £10 each.

be more you.

“Wonderfully women is the perfect opportunity not only for networking with a room full of incredible women, but also to work on your business via a relaxing and inspiring, CEO day with a difference! These events make me feel part of something truly special, which is a novelty as a lone self employed business owner. If you’ve still not been, then I urge you to book now before the next event sells out. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Beth for creating such a wonderful and unique space x”

in summary

£89 per person

- Various incredible workshops and speakers, as shown above.
- Free networking time in between.
- A pizza party lunch supplied by The Fiery Fox!
- The opportunity for you to update your headshot photo.
- A feeling of sisterhood and motivation.

@ Minterne House, Minterne Magna, Dorchester - a beautiful country house.

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become wiser and stronger

there is something magical about women coming together to support one another...

Uh yep, I am there!

I spotted some selfies on the gram...🥰

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