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Our International Women's Day event was magical.

Why Wonderfully Women?

I don't know about you but I would seriously struggle to be a business owner without the incredible support from my fellow girlfriends and boss babes.That's exactly what this event is about... bringing women together to support one another, be inspired by one another, and build on both our personal and business mindsets. This is where the magic happens.

Having worked with many Female Founders through my job as a Brand Photographer for Women in Business, I was repeatedly hearing that these women were working solo, often feeling lonely. I knew that with my community of women already supporting Folio Creative, and my over the top organisational skills🤣, I had the power to bring something together, to create this bubble of female energy and inspiration.

...and so that's exactly what I did...

“You absolutley nailed it! I have had such an incredible day, I have taken so much away from it, I had so many lightbulb moments!It was such an incredible group of people to be around, I met so many new people! It was just so refreshing, I have come away from it buzzing and so excited for the future!”


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Keep an eye out for our upcoming events! These in person events are full of love and inspiration via workshops, good tunes, co-working and delicious food!

Exclusive Group

Join our exclusive group over on Facebook, where you are welcome to ask for advice, share motivation, and feel supported. This is a free group, allowing you to connect with likeminded people.


Connections to women who will make you wiser and stronger! Having that support when you work solo is invaluable.

Our next event is coming (bigger and better) in September 2023.


A splash of mindfulness

There will be a big focus on positive mindset on this platform. The power of self belief can be game changing. Successful female leaders have the mindset that there are no barriers to themselves achieving their goal. We are unstoppable, and this is hugely implemented throughout Wonderfully Women.

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